ROOTS Fertilizer for Trees

ROOTS Fertilizer for Trees is uniquely different from other fertilizer formulations currently on the market. Unlike the competition, ROOTS Fertilizer for Trees is not a mere random mixture of fertilizers. Instead, it was formulated to address several problems associated with fertilization: quality, uniform delivery, even distribution of nutrients in the soil, and sustainability.


Quality is addressed by the use of high grade ingredients to prevent mineral contaminations. This eliminates the potentially toxic effects of unwanted contaminants often associated with low grade commercial minerals.

Uniform Delivery

Uniform delivery is an important concept that competitors often fail to consider. Slow-release forms of nitrogen are insoluble. This is a problem when formulating a slow-release fertilizer that is applied by drench or by soil injection, because the insoluble components tend to settle out of the solution and accumulate at the bottom of the tank. Settling creates two problems. First, when the fertilizer granules settle out, the lower part of the tank mix contains considerably more fertilizer concentrate than the upper part of the tank mix. This results in an unequal concentration of fertilizer being applied to trees during injection. Second, these settled-out granules will increase friction damage to the pump and valves, and other moving parts. Tanks with continuous agitation help to address this problem.

Insoluble nitrogen components in ROOTS Fertilizer for Trees have been very finely-ground (i.e. micronized) so that the insoluble, slow-release components stay in suspension with water under proper agitation. This is easily demonstrated in a side-by-side comparison with any competitor’s product, by mixing equivalent amounts of each product in separate glasses of water, and allowing them to stand for 30-minutes and longer under slow agitation. ROOTS Fertilizer for Trees maintains its suspension, while many competitors’ products will produce an obvious sediment at the bottom of the glass in a very short time period.

Even Distribution of Nutrients in the Soil

A special surfactant in ROOTS Fertilizer for Trees, RZ-3, eliminates the uneven percolation of water through soil. Water follows the paths of least resistance, typically forming channels of mass flow (i.e. fingered-flow) through soil. The surfactant action of RZ-3 neutralizes the electrical forces on soil particles that lead to fingered-flow, allowing water to percolate down through soil evenly. This helps to evenly distribute the micronized insoluble fertilizer particles, the suspended bacteria, and the soluble components of the fertilizer throughout the soil profile. Without the surfactant, all of the product components would follow the "finger-flow" direction of water through the soil resulting in a very uneven distribution of the product in the root zone, as well as significant loss from leaching.


ROOTS Fertilizer for Trees contains our beneficial rhizobacteria that continue to generate fertility long after the added fertilizers are consumed. These rhizobacteria populate the root zone where they fix atmospheric nitrogen, solubilize mineral (insoluble) phosphorus, and release and recycle minerals bound up in organic matter, thereby continuously generating new fertility over the long term. As the bacteria become established and continue to grow, they tend to sustain fertility in the root zone.

In addition, the RZ-3 surfactant in ROOTS Fertilizer for Trees not only distributes the minerals throughout the soil, but it also allows the soluble minerals to attach to soil particles, thereby reducing the rate of leaching of water-soluble ammonium, nitrate, phosphorus and potassium from the soil profile. This permits these soluble elements to stay in the root zone longer for eventual root absorption. In essence, the RZ-3 simply reduces the leaching rate of soluble minerals.


ROOTS Fertilizer for Trees has been scientifically formulated to address several problems associated with fertilization: quality, uniform delivery, even distribution of mineral nutrients in the soil, and sustainability via microbial dynamics. This product addresses fertility both chemically and biologically, providing a means to sustain the effect over the long term. No other fertilizer product addresses fertility in this way. ROOTS Fertilizer for Trees represents a new concept in fertilization technology. The following products can be applied using the information found in this article: ROOTS Fertilizer for Trees 27-9-9, ROOTS Fertilizer for Trees 11-22-22 SRN and ROOTS Fertilizer for Trees 11-22-22