Superior Nutrient Distribution

MESA-XP is an innovative nutrient source that delivers nitrogen in two forms through three mechanisms, as well as controlled-release
potassium sulfate, resulting in enhanced plant uptake, reduced leaching, and impressive performance while maximizing sustainability.

Ammonium sulfate (blue dots) and potassium sulfate (purple triangles) are trapped in the polymer matrix of METH-EX methylene urea.

Exceptional Performance

MESA-XP provides up to 16 weeks of controlled release nitrogen and potassium in addition to quick and slow-release forms of nitrogen for quick green-up and long-term consistent feeding.

The distinctive indigo color of MESA-XP is easy to see, as it is visible both in the air as the product is being spread and while it’s on the ground.

Minimize greenhouse gas emissions and soil leaching

Unlike urea, MESA-XP does not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions as it strictly limits volatilization and therefore minimizes gaseous nitrogen loss to the atmosphere. While standard potassium sources tend to leach quickly into the soil profile, MESA-XP’s predictable potassium release rate extends the turf’s uptake window ensuring improved plant nutrient retention with minimal loss and impact on the environment.

Remarkable results with environmental benefits

Slow Release Nitrogen

MESA-XP provides up to 16 weeks of feeding along with the quick green-up from the ammonium sulfate

Controlled Release Potassium

Improve stress resistance and disease resistance in your turf

Reduced Environmental Impact

Minimal losses to the environment through volatilization and leaching with no plastic residue like coated products