ProScape® 19-0-7 Confront® contains a broad spectrum weed killer that will control broadleaf weeds in established cool season and warm season turfgrass. Turfgrass and lawn uses are restricted to non-residential sites, not for use on residential turf. This product is to be applied only under the direct supervision of licensed pesticide applicators responsible for turf weed control programs. This product controls the following weeds at the normal rate: black medic, bristly hawksbeard, broadleaf plantain, catsear (coast dandelion), common dandelion, false dandelion, hawkweed, hop clover, narrow leaf plantain (buckhorn), red clover, white clover. Additional weeds are controlled at the heavy rate (refer to the bag label for the complete list). This product provides a feeding of fertilizer.

Total Nitrogen (N) 19.0%
7.8% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
5.7% Water Insoluble Nitrogen*
1.1% Urea Nitrogen
4.4% Other Water Soluble Nitrogen*
Soluble Potash (K2O)** 7%
Sulfur 8.2%
8.2% Combined Sulfur (S)
Iron (Fe) 1.0%
.1% Water Soluble Iron (Fe)

Derived from: Ammonium Sulfate, Methylene Ureas, Urea, Muriate of Potash, Ferric Oxide, Ferrous Sulfate

Chlorine (Cl) not more than 7%

*10.1% Slowly available Nitrogen from Methylene Ureas

triclopyr: 3,5,6 trichloro-2-pyridinyloxyacetic acid, triethylamine salt 0.50%
clopyralid: 3,6-dichloro-2-pyridinyloxyacetic acid, triethylamine salt 0.18%
TOTAL 100%