A Holistic Approach to Putting Green Management

Emerald Isle addresses both the cosmetic and agronomic needs for today’s putting greens

  • Designed with high-quality, foliar-absorbed nutrients
  • Incorporates seaplant extract, antioxidants, fulvic acids, and amino acids
  • Industry proven products that have been serving superintendents and sports field managers for over 35 years
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All Foliar Fertilizers are NOT the Same!

Emerald Isle products have been purposely designed small enough to be taken into the plant through the transcuticular pores of the leaf blade.  These pores are primarily responsible for foliar uptake of nutrients.  The result is that more nutrients and biostimulants get into the plant with Emerald Isle products.  That’s why they deliver the best value in the industry and been the trusted choice of generations of professional turf managers.

Turn ordinary play into extraordinary playability

Better Foliar Feeding

Foliar feeding is an effective tactic to feed the plant when the roots are compromised because of environmental stress.

Double Duty Products

Provides nutrients and biostimulants for both feeding and environmental stress management

Controlled Growth

Allows complete control over amount of desired turf top growth.