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ProScape® fertilizers, seeds and fertilizer combination products offer the Turf Manager a wide selection of fertilizer products, along with easily and accurately applied fertilizer combination weed and insect controls. In the ProScape® brand of products you’ll find exclusive LebanonTurf technologies such as Meth-Ex® 40, a high efficiency methylene urea and MESA®, a specially formulated nitrogen known for delivering brilliant color response. The ProScape® brand is also home to many of the top rated Tall Fescue, Ryegrass or Bluegrass varieties marketed today.

LebanonTurf now offers ProScape fertilizer with Acelepryn insecticide plus Dimension herbicide.  It's a one-two-three punch that delivers beautiful dark green color while providing effective, season-long control against grubs and crabgrass.  One granular application in the spring protects your turf for the year.  It's all about time...using it, and saving it.  Click on the literature for a full list of products.



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