Winning Colors Tall Fescue

Delivering drought and heat tolerance and quality performance, Winning Colors Tall Fescue varieties are our highest rated for overall turf quality. Featuring high brown patch resistance and a germination of ten to fourteen days, the following varieties represent our best of the best - all in a single bag. 

40% Leonardo Tall Fescue

20% DaVinci Tall Fescue

20% Michelangelo Tall Fescue

20% Rockwell Tall Fescue

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Trifecta Perennial Ryegrass

Providing leading performance for golf courses and landscapes around the world, Trifecta Perennial Ryegrass varieties germinate quickly (seven to twelve days) for high-quality turf when you need it.  Featuring Gray Leaf Spot resistance for easier management, the following varieties represent a high performing blend for your landscape.  

35% Seabiscuit Perennial Ryegrass

35% Man O'War Perennial Ryegrass

30% Pharaoh Perennial Ryegrass


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Seed for Every Need

More Sustainable

The Alliance for Low Input Sustainable Turf (A-List) develops sustainable turfgrass varieties that feature better drought and heat tolerance, better disease resistance and better performance with lower inputs. All A-List varieties are tested and meet strict performance criteria. Look for the A-List tag on our approved products to create a more sustainable environment.

Beat the Heat

The Winning Colors Tall Fescue blend helps you establish new turf with a deep root system that has increased tolerance to heat and drought. Featuring A-List approved DaVinci, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Rockwell varieties, these sustainable varieties perform under reduced management and produce great turf.

For Fast Results

Quickly germinating to establish high quality turf, the Trifecta Perennial Ryegrass blend stops gray leaf spot through its incredible disease resistance. The A-List Trifecta features Seabiscuit, Man O'War and Pharaoh varieties protecting your turf from devastating disease.