Turfgrass and Seed

Buying turfgrass seed is a mystery to some turfgrass managers. But by reading the package label, asking a few questions and working with a trusted seed vendor to identify the cleanest and highest-rated varieties, you can ensure that the seed you purchase will deliver the results you want.

One of the most important factors in selecting turfgrass seed for your site is to decide which species (or mix of species) best fits your climate, site use and intended maintenance level. Species selection is important whether you are deciding on an initial selection for new construction (on athletic fields, home lawns or commercial sites) or selecting seed for interseeding or renovating existing turf to add improved varieties to the turfgrass population.

Hydroseeding is really a pretty simple process. Water, seed, fertilizer, a sticker called a “tackifier” and a protective mulch are mixed in a tank and sprayed onto the ground.