Pond Maintenance Program

Intent: To utilize selected strains of safe, natural aquatic bacteria to keep ponds clean and odor-free.






Initial Inoculation to clean water and eliminate odors

Pond Saver

3-lbs. Per acre-foot of water

Mix in a bucket of pond water and distribute solution in shallow areas  along the edges of the pond.

Initially, and every spring, after water temperature reaches or exceeds 55o F.

Maintenance Applications to maintain clean water.

Pond Saver

½-lb. per acre-foot of water

Every 2-4 weeks.


Conditions of Use:

  • Water temperature should exceed 55o F.
  • Product works best when pH of water is between 5 and 8.5
  • Aeration dramatically increases product effectiveness, and may be required in still or stagnant waters.  Good aeration methods include bubblers, or waterfalls, or fountains.
  • Do not use chemical treatments while using Pond Saver, because the bacteria may be killed by the chemicals.  (Pond colorants are usually safe for simultaneous use.)
  • Chlorinated water will inhibit bacterial growth if chlorine concentration is high enough.
  • Pond water treated with Pond Saver is safe for irrigation of plants.
  • In areas having no winter season, apply the initial dose every 6 months.