How Winter Fertilizer Keeps Lawns Green and Healthy During Winter Months

As a turf manager, you know that your customers want a healthy, verdant lawn even through cold winter months. Plus, winter fertilizer, called winterizer, adds potassium to protect turfgrass at the cellular level.

That’s why you need ProScape 25-0-5 51% MESA 1% Fe to put down on your clients’ lawns.

8 Benefits for Using Winterizer Two Times in the Fall

When should you fertilize fall lawns?

Ideally, you should apply ProScape 25-0-5 51% MESA 1% Fe from the end of August to the beginning of September. You use the second application toward the end of fall, starting in mid-to-late October. The second application of winterizer hardens turf cells and concentrates on the turfgrass’s root system.

The winter fertilizer is the best fertilizer to put down all season and can be the only fertilizer you use all season long.

Here are eight benefits for using a winterizer in the fall:

  1. It helps the root system to develop deep into the soil. These deep roots grow root hairs that go deep enough in the ground to find hidden moisture stores.
  2. If some of your customers only fertilize once a year, it should be in the fall with a winter fertilizer because it promotes a deep green color that lasts through the winter. It also encourages early green-up in the spring.
  3. Every year, cool season turfgrass gets most of its nutrients during autumn, making winter fertilizer essential for turf’s development and longevity.
  4. The potassium in winter fertilizer hardens turfgrass’s outer cell walls to protect them from bursting due to freezing temperatures.
  5. Use winter fertilizer only on cool season grasses. Lawn care experts recommend that you plant a cover crop, such as annual ryegrass, on warm season lawns.
  6. Cool season grasses prefer temperatures between 65ºF to 75ºF. And cool season grasses remain green well into December. This type of turf will turn brown when temperatures drop to freezing temperatures.
  7. A hot, dry summer depletes cool season turfgrass. Cool season lawns need to recover from summer stress and time to prepare for the upcoming winter. 
  8. Also, you apply 75% of cool season grass’s annual nitrogen in the fall. Turf will uptake and store that nitrogen well into the winter and use it when soil temperatures drop into the mid-30’s. 

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How to Upsell Your Winter Fertilizer Services

You want to emphasize the benefits of winter fertilizer and how it helps lawns. Also, encourage your clients, who don’t put down fertilizer any other time of the year that this type of nutrition will benefit their yards the most.

Explain to your clients how winter fertilizer helps their lawns recover from heat stress and how the nutrients improve their turf’s ability to survive the winter.

You can get the word out about your winter fertilizer lawn services through your blog (educate your clients on what winterizer is and how it benefits their turf), social media channels, and a reminder in your weekly newsletter.

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Why LebanonTurf’s ProScape 25-0-5 51% MESA 1% Fe Is the Best Winter Fertilizer for Cool Season Grasses

If you want the best winter fertilizer for cool season grasses, you can’t go wrong with our ProScape 25-0-5 51% MESA 1% Fe. This ProScape formula is a premium straight fertilizer product with an NPK of 25-0-5. And you can use this product for residential, commercial, and general turf use.

Here are the other benefits of ProScape 25-0-5 51% MESA 1% Fe:

  • It has 51% MESA for slow release nitrogen, allowing immediate green up without a growth surge.
  • MESA is a unique nitrogen source that combines ammonium sulfate with methylene urea in a single homogenous particle.
  • Muriate potash stimulates strong cell growth and provides disease resistance by promoting a thicker cell wall.
  • 1% Fe (iron) provides added nutrition for a quick green up.
  • You’ll save time using ProScape 25-0-5 51% MESA 1% Fe because it combines all the elements needed for a complete winter fertilizer.

Give your clients the lawn they dream of when you apply ProScape 25-0-5 51% MESA 1% Fe on their yards in the fall.

At LebanonTurf, we provide a wide range of turfgrass products from fertilizer to insect and disease control, seed, and establishment. Contact your distributor today to buy your next order of ProScape and other LebanonTurf lawn care products.

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