The Ultimate Turf Wish List

Products That Can Make Your Turf Happy This Holiday Season

They say the holiday season is a time of giving, and you’ll often get the most satisfaction out of giving than receiving. In that spirit, what does your turf need in the coming year that will make it happy and healthy? LebanonTurf offers innovative technologies as well as tried and true staples that can bring a lot of cheer to your new year.

PennMulch – The Hot New Gadget

On any wish list, there’s the latest and greatest technological advancement. For some it’s a new phone, and for others it’s one of those talking home assistants, but for your new grass planting projects, PennMulch seed accelerator is the gift of choice. \

PennMulch is a pelleted mulch that is already proven in the industry to improve seed establishment, even if the situation isn’t ideal. However, we recently gave it an upgrade to include Hydrobond tackifier. This improvement lets PennMulch create a matrix of the mulch, soil and seed, binding it in place and preventing movement during the critical time of seedling establishment.

So, in addition to reducing seed breakthrough and eliminating dry spots, you know that your grass will grow right where you want it.

ProScape Fertilizer with Acelepryn Plus Dimension – The Time Saver

You already know that time is money, and many people look for gifts that will help them be more efficient. That can look like a new calendar and organizer, or a gift card to a home cleaning service, but in the turf industry, there’s no more efficient product than our legendary ProScape Fertilizer with Acelepryn plus Dimension.

With professional fertilizer, grub control and crabgrass control all in one product, it tackles nearly all your turf’s enemies at once. And it’s just one of many efficient and effective combination products that LebanonTurf offers.

ProScape Pre- and Post-Emergent Products – The Problem Solver

Sometimes gifts are for entertainment, and sometimes they’re for taking care of a pressing issue. For example, if your loved one has a “problem” with wearing the same tattered jacket for 20 years, you may want to get them a new one to solve the issue. In the turf world, crabgrass is often a problem, and ProScape products are the answer.

This unique line of products does double duty, killing the weeds that are already there, and keeping them from coming back. Crabgrass is a common enemy, but these products also tackle more than 200 varieties of broadleaf weeds.

Country Club M.D. – The Set-It-And-Forget-It

Similar to the Time Saver, people want something they don’t have to worry about. These can be creative gifts like offering to wash their car or a good slow cooker for the kitchen. For us, it’s Country Club MD fertilizer.

It features patented slow release nitrogen nutrients to make sure your golf course turf gets what it needs without you having to worry about it all the time. It also includes the stress-buffering biostimulants, humic acid and sea plant kelp to help your turf thrive through some of the toughest conditions.

ROOTS Healthy Start – The Motivator

Gifts can also serve as a form of encouragement, like a cookbook for someone who wants to try new recipes, or a book club subscription for a friend who says they need to read more often. In the same way, ROOTS Healthy Start 3-4-3 helps landscape plants grow up to be strong and healthy.

This granular fertilizer, consisting of the finest natural ingredients, adds slow release nutrients and beneficial bacteria to the soil.  This increases the organic matter, improves the fertility of the soil and creates an environment where your plants can thrive.

Emerald Isle Solutions – The Practical Gift

Gifts don’t have to be sentimental. They can be just what your loved one needs, like socks, a new drill, or a gift card to their favorite coffee shop. Emerald Isle Solutions from LebanonTurf takes that practical spirit straight to your turf.

The many Emerald Isle products feature foliar-absorbed nutrients that produce carbohydrate reserves and improve root mass even when seasonal stresses have compromised root health. So when the chips are down or something unexpected happens, you’ll be able to come to the rescue with Emerald Isle Solutions.


For more information about LebanonTurf, our products or how to improve the quality of your turf, visit our website.