Vibrant Colors. Vigorous Growth

Plant health is one less thing you need to stress about.  ROOTS products contain specialized biological components like mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial bacteria, chelated micronutrients and other biostimulants that improve the health of the soil and plant ecosystem. Enhanced nutrition results in vibrant colors, vigorous growth and a sustainable solution for healthier, flourishing plants.  

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Rooted in Technology

ROOTS revives your soil

  • Improve soil health and decrease your fertilizer needs
  • Improved soil health leads to improved plant health
  • Improved plant health and performance leads to satisfied customers

Mycorrhizal Fungi

Mycorrhizae are a living extension of the root system helping plants access more moisture and nutrients from the soil.

Beneficial Bacteria

Beneficial bacteria convert minerals and organic matter into a form accessible by plants. This increases the effectiveness of organic fertilizers.


Sea plant extracts, kelp meals and humic acids are natural amendments increase the organic content of soils and improve plant stress tolerance.