Charismatic II GLSR Perennial Ryegrass

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Item #: 5866885
Size:  50 Pounds

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Charismatic logoCharismatic II GLSR (Gray Leaf Spot Resistant) Perennial Ryegrass was highly ranked in the 2008 NTEP trial for Gray Leaf spot resistance and for turf quality under high maintenance.

Gray Leaf Spot Rating of Perennial Ryegrass Cultivars
2008 NTEP data

Gray Leaf Spot Rating 1-9; 9=no disease

Exacta II GLSR 9.0
1G2 8.7
Charismatic II GLSR 8.7
Paragon GLR 8.7
Palmer IV 8.7
Derby Xtreme 8.3
Panther GLS 8.3
Secretariat II GLSR 8.3
Palace 8.3
Buena Vista 8.3
Quicksilver 7.7
Palmer III 7.7
Accent II 7.0
Panther 4.7
Sunshine 2 4.3
LSD Value 1.1

Mean Turfgrass Quality ratings of Perennial Ryegrass Cultivars
grown at seven locations in the US and Canada
Using “Schedule A (High maintenance/Fairway.)”
2008 NTEP data

Gray Leaf Spot Rating 1-9; 9=no disease

Paragon GLR 6.8
Exacta II GLSR 6.7
Derby Xtreme 6.7
Palace 6.6
Charismatic II GLSR 6.4
Secretariat II GLSR 6.3
Buena Vista 6.3
Nexus XR 6.2
Gray Star 5.9
Accent II 5.9
Quicksilver 5.6
Palmer III 5.6
Panther 5.1
Linn 3.0
LSD Value 1.1

Turfgrass Quality Ratings 1-9; 9 = Ideal Turf
Selected varieties including highest and lowest

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