Masterpiece Tall Fescue

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Masterpiece Tall FescueMasterpiece Tall Fescue is a leafy, medium-low growing turf-type tall fescue with an attractive dark green color. It is a very disease resistant variety that has high endophyte enhancement - providing improved insect resistance. Masterpiece is very heat and drought tolerant. It produces consistently beautiful turf under Southern heat and in cooler Northern regions. It is ideally suited for sod production, sports turf, golf course roughs, home lawns, and commercial sites.

Available in sod quality - item number 5866840.


  • Tied for #4 for overall turf quality at 19 locations in the 2005 NTEP test.
  • Highly ranked in 2005 NTEP trials under lower input maintenance regime
  • Highly ranked under traffic stress
  • Dark green genetic color, excellent winter color
  • Medium fine leaf texture
  • Highly ranked at all fertility levels and mowing heights
  • Very drought and heat tolerant
  • Very good brown patch resistance
  • High Endophyte enhancement -very good insect resistance

2002-2005 NTEP Data Mean Turfgrass quality ratings of Tall fescue cultivars at sixteen locations in the US (Table 1) maintained under “Schedule A”

Rebel IV 6.3
DaVinci 6.2
Blackwatch 6.1
Tar Heel II 6.0
Picasso 6.0
Masterpiece 6.0
Rembrandt 6.0
Grande II 5.9
Constitution 5.9
Tuxedo 5.8
Jaguar 3 5.7
Millennium 5.7
Barrera 5.6
KY-31 E+ 3.6
LSD at 5% 0.2

Turfgrass Quality Ratings 1-9; 9 = Ideal Turf Selected varieties including highest and lowest

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