Rejuvenating Your Soil and Turf

Humic Max® optimizes plant and soil health while mitigating environmental stress on the turf plant.

  • Fairway grade (SGN 150), low dust, granule with high concentration of humic acid
  • Frees the bound-up nutrients already present in the soil for more efficient turf feeding
  • Features MESA®, the industry’s only nitrogen source that feeds the turf in three different ways: quick release, slow release and controlled release
  • Available in three different product analysis, each one designed to deliver the industry standard of 0.5 lbs. of humic acid per 1,000 sq. ft.

Country Club 8 4 24 65% MESA SOP + 11.6% Humic Max

Country Club 14 0 14 70% MESA SOP + 11.2% Humic Max

Country Club 16 0 8 35% MESA SOP + 12.8% Humic Max

Helping the Plant Defend Itself

Humic acids are plant elicitors…which means once they bind to the turf’s receptors, they trigger the plant’s natural chemical defenses that help protect itself from abiotic stresses of heat, drought and pathogens.  This positively impacts the plant’s overall health and performance during the hot, humic summer months.

Improving Soil and Plant Health

Healthier Turf

Feeding the soil produces better turf because it utilizes the nutrients already present, ensuring the turf has what it needs, when it needs it.

Perfect Sizing

Mini-sized granules (SGN 150) are ideal for high value, shorter mown fairways.

Higher Performing Fairways

Providing high quality nutrients with humic acid maximizes the playability and season-long performance of your fairways.