Healthy Start Advanced

Healthy Start Advanced is an upgraded version of the original Healthy Start formulation.  The improved formulation is the same all natural fertilizer with beneficial bacteria, but we have boosted the biostimulant package, humic acid, calcium content and added a bit of iron.  This will replace both Healthy Start and DryROOTS

  • 60% More Humic Acid
  • 2x Calcium Content
  • Additional 4% Iron
Product Details

Healthy Start Advanced MRT

Healthy Start Advanced MRT takes the new Healthy Start Advanced to the next level by adding in mycorrhizae fungi.  This product will take the place of M-ROOTS  in the ROOTS line up. When compared to M-ROOTS, Healthy Start Advanced MRT has some significant differences:

  • 2x More endo-mycorrhizae
  • Added beneficial bacteria
  • 2x Calcium content
  • 10x humic acid content
  • Boosted biostimulant package.
Product Details

Healthy Soil is Essential for Healthy Plants

Beneficial Bacteria

Beneficial bacteria convert minerals and organic matter into a form accessible by plants. This increases the effectiveness of organic fertilizers.


Mycorrhizae are a living extension of the root system helping plants access more moisture and nutrients from the soil.


Sea plant extracts, kelp meals and humic acids are natural amendments increase the organic content of soils and improve plant stress tolerance.