Plant Biostimulants

While all of you should be well aware of the value of the biological components of our products (i.e., mycorrhizal fungi and rhizosphere bacteria), many of you may not fully comprehend the value of some of the other ingredients, like humic acids.

Commercial seaweed products are available, made from the kelp, Ascophyllum nodosum, which is typically harvested from the North Atlantic Ocean. These products are usually made from the whole body of the kelp, which is dried and further processed to produce a dried meal, a dry soluble extract, or a liquid solution. These products are natural, and many have been certified by organic agencies such as OMRI. Seaweed products have come into wide use among organic growers, and these products have made their way into accepted use in horticultural circles as well.

Myo-inositol (inositol) is a sugar-like carbohydrate produced by most plants. It has a taste which has been assayed at half the sweetness of table sugar (sucrose). Myo-inositol (inositol) is an added ingredient in various ROOTs products because it is important for normal plant growth and development. Myo-inositol is important for phosphate storage, cell wall biosynthesis, the production of stress related molecules, cell-to-cell communication, storage and transport of plant hormones.