Get the MD Advantage for Your Greens

Biostimulants and Nutrients In One Single Particle

  • MD technology fuses N-P-K, micronutrients plus humic acid and sea plant kelp meal
  • Features Meth-Ex methylene urea slow-release nitrogen
  • Offered in a variety of NPK analysis and nutrient options for every agronomic situation.
  • Stress-buffering biostimulants help the turf better manage environmental stress
More Information

Helping the Plant Defend Itself

Humic acid and sea plant kelp are both plant elicitors…which means once they bind to the turf’s receptors, they trigger the plant’s natural chemical defenses that help protect itself from abiotic stresses of heat, drought and pathogens.  This positively impacts the plant’s overall health and performance during the hot, humid summer months.

Features and Benefits

Superior Playability

Assists with achieving and maintaining the fast and firm putting conditions demanded by today’s golfers.

Perfect Sizing

Micro-greens grade granules (SGN 80) are ideal for today’s closely mown putting greens.

Season-long Performance

Designed to provide all the nutrients and biostimulants that today’s putting greens needs to perform for the entire season.