Increased Visibility

Country Club IV premium greens grade fertilizers are specifically designed with a lighter granule color for increased visibility, and to assist with more accurate putting green applications. IV mini-sized (80 SGN) products feature 100% non-burning, immediately available sulfate of potash (SOP), and utilize unique composite technology to offer a variety of NPK analysis and nutrient options for every agronomic situation. 

Features Meth-Ex Slow-Release Nitrogen

Numerous Country Club IV products utilize Meth-Ex high-activity methylene urea nitrogen to provide putting greens with excellent color response and consistent long-term feeding, without surge growth. 

Features and Benefits

Superior Playability

Assists with achieving and maintaining the fast and firm putting conditions demanded by today’s golfers.

Perfect Sizing

Micro-greens grade granules (SGN 80) are ideal for today’s closely mown putting greens.

Season-long Performance

Designed to provide all the nutrients and biostimulants that today’s putting greens needs to perform for the entire season.