Fairway Perfection in One Bag

Country Club combination fairway fertilizers with Acelepryn® insecticide and Dimension® herbicide

  • Season long crabgrass and grub control with one application
  • Available in both .167% and .253% Dimension load levels to dial in the right amount of active ingredient per acre for your course
  • Features MESA®, Meth-Ex® and Expo® proprietary nutrients in a variety of NPK analysis for every agronomic situation
  • Saves time and money with three applications in one product

Country Club 30-0-10 100% Meth-Ex 100% EXPO With .067% Acelepryn + .253% Dimension SGN 150

Country Club 30-0-10 100% Meth-Ex 100% EXPO With .067% Acelepryn + .167% Dimension SGN 150

One Spring Application is All You Need

A truly complete application, Country Club fertilizer with Acelepryn and Dimension provides effective, long lasting nutrition and season-long protections against weeds and insects. One single granular application in Spring saves you both time and money while feeding and protecting your fairways.

This timing chart illustrates how one Springtime application feeds and protects your fairways for the entire season.

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Features and Benefits

Healthier Turf

Our unique nitrogen source, MESA, and single extended release potassium sulfate technology EXPO, result in season-long, beautiful dark green turf without excessive growth.

Control It All

A fertilizer that stimulates growth of strong turf and provides season long control of crabgrass and white grubs.

Easier to Manage Fairways

Offering everything you need to maintain healthy and highly playable turf conditions, Country Club keeps your fairways weed and bug free for the entire year with less labor expenses.