What Your Turf Needs Before Winter

Equipping the Grass for the Cold Blasts

When animals prepare for hibernation, they eat more than usual, knowing that they’ll need to use those nutrients during the long winter ahead. When it comes to your turf and the soil, it’s not much different.

Turf is designed to go dormant in the winter months, but needs to be strong and healthy now in order for it to green up quickly in the spring. Take a look at a few characteristics of healthy turf heading into the winter months, and start giving your turf what it needs.

Healthy Root Mass

When turf and plants are under stress or drought, they desperately turn to their roots to intake water and nutrients from the soil. Of course, if there aren’t many roots or they aren’t spread out, they can’t absorb nutrients. LebanonTurf offers mycorrhizal fungi in their line of ROOTS products to help with this specific issue. It expand the root zone and allow plants the ability to take in necessary water, nutrients and micronutrients that would otherwise not be available.

Turf with insufficient roots is like a house without any outlets. Sure, it’s still a house, but you’re not able to power it properly. With enhanced root mass, the turf will be ready to take in all the nutrients it can when spring arrives.

Nutrient-Rich Soil

They say to grow where you’re planted, but it’s not that easy when the soil doesn’t have any nutrients for you. Forest soils have a wide range of biological diversity and fertility, but where you’re managing your turf, it likely needs a boost.

ROOTS products from LebanonTurf delivers beneficial bacteria that enhance soil fertility, improve soil structure and in some cases prevent diseases. These improvements provide a better environment where your turf and plants can thrive. After all, fertilizer is technically fertilizing the soil, which then nourishes the plant.

That nourishment also can come from biostimulants such as sea plant extract. They increase the organic content of soil and improve stress tolerance. Winter is one of those stressful times, so with replenished soil, your plants and turf will fare better through the winter and will be as healthy as ever come spring.

Quick Recovery and Disease Tolerance

You can’t eliminate all potential issues with your turf, but you can give it the best chance to succeed. You don’t need it to look pretty in the winter when it’s covered with snow, but it needs to be ready to go once things warm up. The last thing you want is to have to deal with all kinds of diseases in the spring.

First, the turf has to be well nourished. However, if it’s not, it’s not too late to fix it. ROOTS BioPak Plus and other LebanonTurf products can reverse mineral deficiencies that cause problems like chlorosis and necrosis.

And don’t forget about snow mold, which is always looming. Several fertilizers from LebanonTurf offer snow mold resistance, giving you peace of mind for the beginning of next season. It’s almost hibernation season.

It’s time to fatten up your turf and plants so you (and your plants) can rest easy over the long winter ahead.


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