May 2023: Chico

Chico is a 2 year old Miniature Australian Shepherd who has been at Upper Montclair Country Club in Clifton, New Jersey since the day after he turned 8 weeks old. He earned his name from being the runt in his litter but makes up for it with speed and his a larger than life personality. Chico likes to try and sleep in in the mornings but knows once his collar is put on for the day, then it’s go time. Chico is involved in all aspects of the golf course life, whether its rolling around in aeration plugs, making sure everyone is awake in morning meeting, biting shovel loads of snow, helping check the pressure on irrigation heads, shredding leaves in the fall, or his main job of keeping the golf course goose free. While waiting for the geese to show up he loves chasing squirrels, so much so that he taught himself how to climb up trees after them.

Graham Kasprzyk, a Rutgers Turf Management School alumni, is a Class B Golf Course Superintendent and has been a member of the GCSAA for 9 years. He got his start following his brothers footsteps into the Golf Course Industry. He is in his 5th year at UMCC but the last 3 years have been the most special, between becoming Course Superintendent, hosting incredible events, meeting his future wife Amanda, and obviously getting to spend every day with Chico. He also enjoys going home and seeing his family in New Hampshire, where he grew up.”

Photo by Graham Kasprzyk