Mr. May 2021: Wando

Wando is a 1-year-old Irish Doodle and the lead goose chaser and morale booster at Westmoor Country Club in Brookfield, Wis. His name comes from an establishment in Madison, Wis., where his owners, Patrick and Trina, met. A minor Instagram celebrity (@wandothedood), Wando likes keeping Patrick company on the golf course and wading in the ponds on warm summer days (especially right after a bath and despite his mom’s wishes). Wando is loving and good-natured, and he makes even the toughest workdays enjoyable.

Patrick Reuteman is the GCSAA Class A superintendent at Westmoor Country Club. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has been a GCSAA member for eight years. Patrick began his career at Westmoor in high school and became superintendent in 2017. In addition to spending time with his wife, Trina, and Wando, Patrick enjoys all things Wisconsin, including sports, the outdoors and attending concerts.

Photo by Patrick Reuteman