Miss August 2021: Laci

Laci is a 4-year-old Austrian shepherd who loves going to work every morning at Saucon Valley Country Club in Bethlehem, Pa., with her superintendent, Frank. Laci’s ideal job is chasing geese and squirrels, and she began her career at 4 months old at Manasquan River Golf Course, where she mastered being the best shotgun rider. Laci likes to spend her weekends off relaxing in the air conditioning or jumping off the diving board. If Laci could spend all day in the water, she would.

Frank Perrone, a nine-year member of GCSAA, is in his third year as the superintendent of the Weyhill Course at Saucon Valley Country Club. Frank graduated from Delaware Valley University in 2014 and still supports his fellow Aggies. When away from the course, Frank enjoys spending time with his family and venturing to new places with his fiancée, Alexa, and Laci by his side.

Photo by Francis Perrone