Miss December 2020: Floki

Floki is a 9-month-old border collie/mini poodle mix and the beloved golf course pup at Scarboro Golf & Country Club in Toronto, Ontario. Floki is known for her ability to boost morale in the greens department, where she makes a point to say good morning to each crew member every day. Her greatest love is running alongside the cart of her owner, Lesley, and chasing squirrels, deer and the odd coyote. Floki is also fond of water and likes to swim in the creek that runs through the property whenever she gets the chance. Come wintertime, her job will be to keep Canada geese off the property. When not at work, Floki delights in pack walks and games of frisbee with her two human sisters, and she can often be found playfully terrorizing the family cat.

Lesley Thomas is a 32-year veteran of Scarboro Golf & Country Club and is in her 14th year as the club’s first assistant superintendent. Along with managing turf health and keeping greens fast and firm, Lesley is responsible for overseeing Scarboro’s Audubon International certification, pollinator gardens, and participation in the Monarchs in the Rough program.

Photo by Lesley Thomas