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ProScape Fertilizer with Acelepryn and Dimension

  • Season-long crabgrass and grub control in one product
  • Single granular application fertilizer and protects turf for an entire season
  • Save time and money with three applications in one
New 24-0-8 40%PCU Version

Do it All in one go.

The best of all worlds in one application, ProScape fertilizer with Acelepryn and Dimension provides effective, long lasting nutrition and season-long protections against weeds and insects. A single granular application saves you both time and money while keeping turf beautiful for the long haul.

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Greener Turf

Our unique notrogen source, MESA, and single extended release potassium sulfate technology EXPO, result in season-long, beautiful dark green turf without excessive growth.

Control it All

A fertilizer that stimulates growth of strong turf and provides season long control of crabgrass and white grubs.

Happier Customers

Offering everything you need to establish turf quickly and maintain it more easily throughout the season; ProScape keeps your turf more resistant to threats so it stays healthier for longer - making customers happier.