A premium, blended fertilizer for golf course fairways and other high quality turf areas. Ideal in situations where zero phosphorus is desired. ProScape® 28-0-14 features 40% Expo® extended-release sulfate of potash. Now you can apply potash which will last as long as the slow-release nitrogen and provide a more efficient delivery of this extremely beneficial nutrient. The nitrogen fraction features Meth-Ex® 40 a high activity methylene urea complex. Iron is included for a more complete nutritional package and improved color response.

Total Nitrogen (N) 28%
2.6% Water Insoluble Nitrogen*
21.0% Urea Nitrogen
4.4% Other Water Soluble Nitrogen*
Soluble Potash (K2O)** 14%
Sulfur (S) 2.0%
2.0% Combined Sulfur (S)
Iron (Fe) 1.0%
0.1% Water Soluble Iron (Fe)
Derived From: Methylene Ureas, Urea, Muriate of Potash, Sulfate of Potash, Ferric Oxide, Ferrous Sulfate
Chlorine (Cl) not more than 10.0%
*4.4% Slowly Available Nitrogen from Methylene Ureas
**4.2% Slow Release Potash from occluded Sulfate of Potash